Five Ideas to Make Your Home Bar Awesome

Putting decoration in your home, it’s not an easy task. It’s your choice if you want to have an area for you to unwind. Most of the time, you want your design to reflect your personality. For those people who always feel anxiety or stress, you can use these ideas in decorating your home bar.
1. Used Beer Can Track Lighting
This type of decoration is unique and inexpensive. The materials are easy to find since they are lying around us. Can from trash makes a useful and sole material for your decorations.

2. Whiskey Bottle Lights
Whiskey Bottles lights will give your home a more vintage design from used bottles you can make it light up your home bar.

3. Cork Candles
If you are looking for a simple design you choose this one, all you need to have is candles, corks and the type of your chosen vase.

4. Pallet Bar
Pallet Bar style will give your home a simple spot. A piece of perfect inexpensive furniture to any size of the home.

5. Record Bar
If you have a record player in your home, you can use this for decorating your bar. This is perfect for the people who love a nostalgic and vintage feel.

6. Pallet Pocket
Aside from that, this decoration is easy to do; it can also minimize your space in your home.

7. Re-writable Beverages Handle
If you are not consistently drinking one beverage, you can change your brews. Just write the name of the brew you want to replace.

8. Beer Bottle Chandelier
If you love to keep your bottles after drinking, it is a good idea if you try to make this kind of chandelier to add a fun touch in your bar.
Since all of them are recyclable materials, you don’t have to spend money too much.