Beer Bar Kitchen Designs: Small Space Kitchen

Putting a beer bar kitchen design inside your home is certainly a good idea for making extra space work. For a small space kitchen, it is not only for the enhancing aspect of the kitchen, but it can be playing an important role. Anyway, this kind of kitchen area can use for storing various items that can be seen by your visitors, you can also set a buffet here while having a party with your friends and family.
These are the following designs that suitable in your small space kitchen:
1. L-Shape – This is the easiest design that you can make to have a bar space design in your small size kitchen, without interrupting the functionality of the kitchen. The one side of the L-shape can use as a workstation, and the other side can use an extension, where you can put chairs in front. In other words, the longest side can be used as the bar space.

2. Pass-Through – This is an efficient design for a kitchen. A pass-through design with an opening way from the kitchen to the dining area. The opening division of the kitchen will give more spice to the décor and makes it more convenient. This can be easily used to establish a buffet table for your guests.

3. Shelf Life – Small spaces can still use for making a beer bar kitchen. It is a good idea if you have a staircase in your home. You can put cabinets or shelves below your staircase for your bookshelf with mix bottles for your bar.

4. Hide and Sleek – It makes use some of the unused space in your home. This is perfect for placing it in the clever part of your home. This makes an entry for your formal living areas.